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If you are
  • a beginner who has never danced before
  • a social dancer who wants to improve on technique, lead/follow skills,
    timing, look and feel good to dance with
  • a ballet/jazz/lyrical dancer and want a fast track to partner dancing.
  • a leader and can't get a lady to follow or dance with you
  • a lady dancer and leaders are not inviting you to dance
  • a lady dancer and you don't know what to do with your arms or portray the
    character of the dance
  • a couple who want to spend time together learning something new, get fit
    and have fun - improve on teamwork and communication skills through the
    process of learning to dance together
  • going on a cruise but don't know how to dance
  • going to a wedding or getting married and don't know how to dance
  • want a fast track to upcoming dances, weddings, cruises, socials
  • a competitor or showcase performer and want to improve your technique,
    musicality and characterisation of the dance

I provide a fun, systematic, easy to understand, results-oriented approach to
learning ballroom dance in focused 1-on-1 instruction (privates) for students who
want to accelerate their progress in dance.  

I have
been teaching ballroom for 10+ years and successfully taught 400+ total
beginners how to dance and have radically improved the way intermediate to
advanced dancers look and feel with my technique intensives.  In 1.5 months, my
beginner students are able to dance 4 ballroom dances and in 6 months, 8
ballroom dances!

It's my passion to share my joy and love for dancing.  My students benefit from the
many years of training I have taken from top professional dancers - some not so
good, some great.  My teaching methodology is different from others.  The way I
teach is focussed on fundamentals - starting with the elemental building blocks of
partner dancing.  Similar to learning a foreign language, you would start with the
abc's instead of starting by learning how to sing a song.  You will eventually sing
that song well but you will not understand what you are singing, let alone use the
words for conversation, writing, or to create another song.  This would be similar
to learning a dance by memorizing the steps or choreography, with no
understanding of the elements of connection, movement, posture, frame, dance
positions, footwork, alignment, timing, character of the dance, leading and
following etc.

I am able to condense, simplify and produce results so that absolute beginners
learn to dance the proper way, without the bad habits that will hinder you as you
progress and have a lot of fun along the way!

I will help you become an outstanding and popular social dancer and if you wish to
compete, you will be prepared with the right skills to give you a head start.  I
emphasise techniques in posture, frame, dancing from your center, lead and
follow skills, quality of movement - important foundation fundamentals which are
then applied across the board in all partner dances.  As a leader you will be able
to lead clearly with confidence and style and feel good to the ladies.  As a
follower, you will be light and responsive, look good and feel good to the man.

I believe learning right from the start especially with beginners, is going to save
you a lot of time and grief in the future.  Everyone knows how difficult it is to
break bad habits.  The best and easiest way is to learn it correctly from the start.  I
definitely suffered from not having accurate instruction when I was learning as a
beginner and I know from first hand experience how difficult and how long it took
me to overcome the bad habits I had acquired through the years.  I incorporate
technique in my teaching methods but provide it in a fun, easy and supportive
environment so beginners are not over-whelmed with too much technical
information and get plenty of time to dance.

For the experienced dancers, I am your breakthrough coach.  if you find yourself
stuck, at a plateau, unhappy with the way you look when you dance or the way you
lead or follow, I will get to the root of your problems, I don't believe in just fixing
symptoms.  I will equip you with exercises which will help develop the necessary
muscles, coordination, balance and musicality you will need to be a beautiful,
fluid, graceful and exciting dancer.

Private Dance Lessons at

Private Dance Lessons
1:1 instruction is good for you if you are a fast learner and are bored in group
classes or if you are a slow learner and get too overwhelmed in group classes or if
you want to learn both the steps/patterns and proper technique at the same time.

Privates are also the only way to improve your technical and artistry skills
effectively.  Learning steps only does not make you a dancer.  You have only
learned the mechanics of dancing.  You are still dancing in a robotic way and are
not looking good to others yet.  You also won't feel good to dance with.

Dancing is a natural expression of the music.  This is where technique comes in –
you cannot learn this by watching other dancers and copying what you see.  What
you see is an illusion just like in magic.  Unless you are trained properly, you will
not feel good to dance with and you can injure yourself and damage/injure your
partner by incorrectly executing flashy moves.  

When it comes to learning technique, your mind may comprehend the concept but
our bodies do not cooperate as easily or as accurately as we would like.  This is
natural.  Our bodies are lazy and prefer to execute the motion which it's most
familiar with.  So to break a habit or learn a new movement, your body will need to
develop new muscle memory through repetition and calibration with an external
eye.  I will be there to show you where your body needs to be and how to help your
mind correct the movement.  Then at group classes, practise sessions or dance
socials, you can do the repetition necessary to get the technique into muscle

Only when your body has absorbed the technique into muscle memory can you be
free to dance spontaneously to music and in harmony with your partner.  This is
what partner dancing is all about!  This is artistry in dance which is where
everyone aspires to be!

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